How to win at Twitter Spaces

3 min readJan 7, 2022

I have been blessed enough to have learnt to improve my public speaking last year thanks to hosting rooms on Clubhouse and by being one of the first on Twitter Spaces, thanks to being accepted to their beta program back in April 2021 (follow me @nfthypeman).

As such, I wanted to share my insight for those that are now taking part in those spaces as to how to have a positive impact and to make the most out of these audio “rooms”.

  1. Read the room
    Enter a room and take 10–15 minutes to listen and figure out what the vibe of the space is. Too often, new users will enter a room with no self awareness and will attempt to change the conversation to a topic which isn’t relevant to what other listeners want to hear. These interruptions translate more like a radio advert, as opposed to interjecting naturally into the conversation. If you wish to shill (the web 3.0 term for “promoting”), enter at a time which is relevant to what you wish to discuss, otherwise connect and contribute to the conversation if it’s something that interests you. This approach will build you up as someone of integrity in the NFT ecosystem, and will come across more genuine.
  2. Listen first, make real connections
    Ever heard the saying, listen more speak less? Presumably you are on Twitter Spaces to learn and to network. If you are an artist trying to sell, your network is what will help you do that. Read here for tips on how to sell as an artist, but in short, providing value to others is the best tool you have to communicate to others that you are an artist worth investing in.
  3. Create your own rooms
    Twitter spaces are a great way to build a network, and to grow a following. Have an idea for a space? Start it!! Chances are, someone else on Twitter will also have been thinking the same and will find that topic of interest. I encourage you to find co-hosts to start a room with so that the room isn’t empty when you start the conversation can start to flow naturally, otherwise it can be awkwardly quiet when others join, and hard to gain traction.
    When trying to gain traction or starting a trend, your first supporter is the most important, so find somebody you genuinely f*ck with and are able to grow with!
  4. Be consistent
    Don’t give up and keep going.. If you host spaces they can be empty or small for large periods of time. If you enter a room and are nervous, you can speak out of turn and gain a negative reaction. This can be disheartening, but if you are consistent you will learn how to speak and hold a room better, but also it will show to others that you are serious about hosting a space. The main thing is you are respectful to others, NFT spaces are known for being positive and encouraging, so this is a great environment to improve!

I run rooms on Twitter Spaces on a regular basis during the week and also share insights about the NFT space via Tiktok and Instagram. You can also check out my NFT drop called “Hypemerica” which is my attempt to present an NFT Music Video Album in a way which utilises NFTs in a new way. See ya’ll on Twitter!!