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NFT = Non Fungible Token


is a term often used in finance, and it is to describe an item which and be interchanged with others as the items have equal value. Any commodity is fungible. A crate of apples, each apple has the same value. Bitcoin is fungible. 1 Bitcoin is equal to another Bitcoin.

is used to describe items which are inherently unique. My favourite jacket. If i lend it to you, I expect THAT EXACT JACKET to be returned. You might buy me the same style jacket…

If you are collecting Tezos, chances are you need a web wallet to take part in the NFT ecosystem (Kalamint, Hicetnunc, Byteblock), DeFi, or even simply to stake your Tezos. This tutorial is to cover the basics on how to acquire a wallet.

You will need a Tezos wallet and some Tezos to be able to do any minting/collecting on NFT platforms. I suggest the Kukai wallet as you will be able to login with an existing Twitter/Gmail/Reddit account.

Common alternatives for a Kukai wallet are the Temple wallet (browser extension wallet, Tezos equivalent to ETH based Metamask) and the…

This tutorial has been written as part of a promo where we will pay for 50 artists to mint their artwork via #cleanNFT..

We will be minting on hicetnunc.

Follow the guide on how to Mint on the Tezos Blockchain and take part in the #NFTStimmy


  1. Make Twitter Wallet with Kukai



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